Assisted Living Partners
Assisted Living Partners

Striving to Enhance Life for Those Residing or Working in Assisted Living Facilities in Iowa.

About Us

Assisted Living Partners is an Iowa-based company that specializes in regulatory compliance, assisted living development, and assisted living management. We have a reputation for professionalism, dedication, and integrity.  Assisted Living Partners provides consulting and management services in Iowa.

Our company is well established as an expert in assisted living program consultation and management. We have an excellent working relationship with state departments and a successful compliance history. We have a wealth of talented and creative staff that are focused on providing exceptional customer service and quality management.

Assisted Living Partners Staff 

     Dave Chensvold, LNHA, ALM

     Traci Gavin
     Vice President Finance

     Stacy Hejda, ALM
     Vice President Regulatory Compliance

     Diana Roberts, LNHA
     Senior Director of Administrators

     Theresa Hogenson, ALM

     Barb Schug, RN, ALM
     RN Consultant

     Carrie Mackey, RN, ALM
     RN Consultant

     Sarah Heisdorffer

     Mary Campell

     Adriana Martin

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